The Journey from Christianity to Buddhism

Ten years seems like yesterday. When I entered the Zen Gong group’s center many faces were familiar although I had never seen them before. Then Grace and Robert Wu carried me into a room with three Buddhist statues. For the first time, I experienced things both energetically and visually. Never did I know this would change my World and it’s goals forever. I have never looked back.

While under the tutelage of our Grand Master Shan Fo, I began to
experience things that I call phenomenal. One of the many happened while in India with the group. I was with a gathering of Grand Master Shan Fo’s people from other centers. It took place in the sacred forest; Robert Wu was on one side of me and Grand Master Shan Fo on the other. It was this experience that turned the front of my hair and eyebrows grey. It was a very emotional and intense experience for me. Those that saw me there knew that I would never be the same. That’s what started me on my path. While meditating with Grand Master Shan Fo and the group, I was lead to the creation of a humanitarian project. This project has taken form.

I am producing a documentary series of healers focusing on the planet. They will be sharing diversified techniques. Many times during it’s creation I became exhausted and emotional and the higher beings would come in and console me as they positioned me to move forward. This journey included many trips to India often with the Grandmaster and translator. I introduced him to other spiritual leaders that recognized and respected him. Some had never allowed another Leader into their sect. It was with pride that I grew. It was a part of the journey that we learned compassion through the art of sharing and meditating.
Most important is the art of healing the planet. Our goal was always to increase the respect for the Buddhist. My goal now is to carry on his work as a humanitarian. I am positioned to do a film project that began here with this group. It was here that the higher beings worked with my body and mind. I now have the knowledge to do the project. Each day that I look back I see how gently they created me for the path to proceed. Many times I became tired and wanted to stop. They would restore my energy and I put me back on task.

In conclusion, I know that disciples are chosen for a particular journey. With the gift is the responsibility to follow through. There are many Saints that have started the path but were not allowed the time on earth to finish; but to have been a part of the
journey. Maybe that Is why we are here.

P.S. When I think back the group had a goal to own their own Center. I take this time to applaud
them for a job well done.

by Almanique Jacquet