What is the current status of the project?

The land has been chosen in the Blue Zone. We have put down $20,000 into ESCROW. Now we are looking for assistance and financial help to complete the following next steps:

  • Land survey
  • Land & Building permits
  • Architects and renderings
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Ombya has selected a 93-acre property in Nandayure, in the Carmona District of Costa Rica. This site was chosen because healers have recognized the area as home to some of the purest energy on the planet.Additionally, Costa Rica is one of only five U.N. certified Blue Zones in the world.

The site will be known as the “Gathering at the Sanctuary.” It is forested, surrounded by waterfalls, and rivers, as well as lush exuberant vegetation and an abundance of wildlife. We need your help to make this vital project a reality. Phase One of our project has been to Identify and secure a property suitable for our purposes. Funding. Planning. Hiring.

Construction of the seven 1,500-2,000 square foot residences across 10 acres, creating “The Sanctuary” for our healers, their immediate families, and their protectors during their visits.

The land is in the Blue Zone 93 Acres. However, only 10 Acres will be used for the Sanctuary. The remaining 83 acres are an environmental protected area.

This will be the actual construction of the first four residences and construction of a 7,000-square foot Healing/Conference Center for the use of the visiting healers, private meetings and events with those they deem necessary for their purposes including government officials, religious leaders, etc.