Mission Statement

To create a non-profit sanctuary located in Costa Rica where healers representing all traditions of healing from all over the world can retreat to replenish their energies and collaborate with others to share their philosophies, lessons and address the diverse issues necessary for the healing of the people the land and the planet.

We accept all traditions of faith. Our obligation is to all people that need healing regardless to what issues that might be presented. (Ex. Solders with PTS syndrome OR issues arising from human trafficking). These issues will be covered by our renown healers. We are the apprentice for carrying out this mission.

Purpose Statement

The world in which we live is confronted by unimaginable issues such as hunger, poverty, economic and social inequality. Many species have been driven into extinction by environmental problems that threaten the planet itself, and subsequently, all sentient life. Human life on Earth has become unsustainable. While there are political actions that must be taken to deal with these issues at a governmental level, these alone will not achieve the necessary changes. A transformational planetary shift is needed to address and solve these problems. A shift in the very way we think about the world is critical if we are to survive. People in all societies and cultures must awaken, become aware of, and value the connections, energies and vibrations that sustain our world. Once awakened, they can act in a way that brings about the critical mass to achieve the change necessary.

To develop the plans and programs needed to change the hearts of so many, we must turn to the untapped resource of teachers, healers, shamans and wisdom keepers that the modern world often overlooks. We must give them the means to communicate with those of other traditions to share their knowledge, learn from each other, and develop paths of action. We must then assist them in dispersing those paths to the largest possible audience.

The goal of Ombya is to create a special place where healers, shamans, mystics, teachers, and seekers of many traditions can gather in a conducive atmosphere and work together toward achieving transformative change. Since the work that will be done is sacred work, the area itself must be sacred, and the very energy of the space in which it takes place must be of the highest level. After years of research, visiting more than 80 potential sites, a sacred site has emerged and been selected.